September 7th Webinar: “How Dungeons & Dragons Has Made Me a Better Family Historian” with Randy Whited

Date and time for Randy Whited's September 7th Webinar.

Both genealogy and role-playing games are, at their core, centered on storytelling. And the more effort put into the work, the more one gets out of it. In both cases it is useful to put one’s self into the mindset of the individual: what was their occupation, their background, their faith and motivations, their possessions, their friends and allies? In short, who were they in relation to the world around them?

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August Presentations

Here is the line up of our great presentations for August: August 4, 11am Eastern Jennifer Alford presents “Introduction to Jewish Genealogy” The history of a people is an important component in understanding how to research their genealogy. In the case of the Jewish people it is helpful to understand…

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July 2019 Presentations

Genealogy Webinars

We have three great presentations for our members this month. Here’s the line-up: Tuesday,  July 9  8pm Eastern Mary Kircher Roddy presents“I Remember Mama (But Not Her Maiden Name)” ___________________________________________________________________ Sunday, July 14, 1 pm Eastern Debra M. Dudek presents “Adventures with Lost Postcards: Using eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, and CardCow…

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