VGA’s 6th Birthday: “Finding Meaningful Stories in Your Family History” by Dai Davies

Thank you so much to Dai Davies for sharing this presentation to help VGA celebrate its 6th birthday!

As family historians, our greatest goal is to turn names and dates into rich stories that we can use to connect with our family and wider audiences. But does a family tree really have that much to say about something like a love of gardening? Yes! This video discusses the process of turning an interest, like gardening, into themes that we can then explore in the records.

To see more of Dai’s videos, check out GenealCymru on Youtube:

A special thanks to the following institutions for their dedication to digitizing historical records. The Public Domain images used in this video are over 100 years old or 70 years has passed since the passing of their creator:

  • National Library of Wales
  • ArtUK
  • York Art Gallery
  • Boston Public Library
  • Digital Commonwealth
  • Artvee
  • Yale Center for British Art

Special thanks to Raymond O’Connor for allowing me to use the portrait of William Davies.

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  1. Karen Ellingson

    Thank you for an innovative approach with the color-coded boxes of differing types of genealogical, historical, and social information

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