VGA Book Club

VGA is starting a new member-benefit in 2022 of a Book Club that will be hosted by Sunny Morton! If you have any questions, please contact Sunny at

The VGA Book Club is going to meet at 8:00pm Eastern on the 4th Tuesday of every other month starting in January 2022. Members can register for the VGA Book Club meetings by logging into their VGA account and going to the Upcoming Programs area of the Members Center to find the registration link.

January 25th, 2022:

Details about the January books being discussed here:

Amazon links:

March 22nd, 2022:

  • Book titles TBD

May 24th, 2022:

  • Book titles TBD

July 26th, 2022:

  • Book titles TBD

September 27th, 2022:

  • Book titles TBD

November 22nd, 2022:

  • Book titles TBD

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