August Presentations

Here is the line up of our great presentations for August:

August 4, 11am Eastern

Jennifer Alford presents “Introduction to Jewish Genealogy

The history of a people is an important component in understanding how to research their genealogy. In the case of the Jewish people it is helpful to understand the many definitions of Jewish ancestry and how they were impacted by political events. Jennifer will share some of the many tools available online to help you get closer to finding your Jewish ancestors and helping you “cross the pond” to their place of origin.

August 14, 8pm Eastern

Daniel Earl presents “City Directories – Not Your Average Phone Book

This program looks at city directories and how genealogists can leverage all parts of a city directory to further their research. Learn to find your ancestors in parts of a city directory you didn’t even know existed!

August 19, 1pm Eastern

Edward Thompson presents “Introduction to Evidentia Software: Organize, Analyze, Share

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