$5 Off VGA Membership Coupon – Expires 10/31/23!

The Annual Membership for VGA is now $25 USD (formerly $20 USD). Included with the membership is:

  • Access to Members-Only section of website
  • Recorded monthly webinars by nationally-known speakers
  • Webinar handouts
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    • VGA Book Club and VGA Hangouts!
  • Discount on annual virtual conference registration cost
    • The VGA Conference is free for all VGA Members!
  • Discounts on genealogy software, databases, publications and products
  • Members-only Facebook group for networking, mentoring, and socializing

If new members would like to join or if current members would like to renew at the $20 USD price, use this coupon code: VGA5OFF

Go to: https://virtualgenealogy.org/register/annual/

At the bottom underneath the email field, click on the “Have a coupon?” and enter in the coupon code there. It looks like this:

The Coupon Code expires on October 31st, 2023!

Current members:
You can renew your membership at any time and apply this coupon code now before it expires on October 31st. When you renew it will automatically adds an additional year to your membership.

To find out when your membership expires: go to https://virtualgenealogy.org/login/ and log in.

Then go to Edit Your Profile under the Members Center tab. Click on the Subscriptions tab and find the expiration date for your Annual membership.

Thank you!

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