VGA’s Annual Conference – November 3-5, 2023

The VGA Virtual Conference is open to all VGA members. Sessions will include:

  • How’d You Find That? by Cari Taplin
  • Society Briefs, Village News … or the other “Gossip Columns” by Mary Risseeuw
  • Taking a Peek through the “Window Tax” by Jim Beidler
  • Tracing the Enslaved and Formerly Enslaved in Newspapers by Ari Wilkins
  • Leveraging Freedom of Information Laws to Procure Novel Records by Alec Ferretti
  • When There’s a Will… by Sara Cochran
  • Mysterious Codes: Passenger Manifests Letters and Numbers by Christine Cohen
  • Cross-Referencing Letters & Postcards with Documents & Photos by Jean Wilcox Hibben
  • Scandalous Ancestors: Tracking Colorful Family Members by Jessica Trotter
  • Don’t Build Your Own Brick Wall by Jill Morelli

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