VGA 2022 Conference: “Tracking Your Ancestors through Time: Utilizing Timelines to Enhance Your Research” by Kate Townsend

This presentation will be pre-recorded. Click here to view the full conference schedule:

Program Description:
Do you need a new research tool in your wheelhouse to help with a research question and/or give you a better understanding of your ancestor(s)? Learn how to use timelines to enhance your research skills so that you can better evaluate and correlate information regarding your ancestors.

Speaker Bio:
Kate Townsend is an experienced researcher, investigator and genealogist who turned her passion for family history into a business: Family History Investigations, LLC. Kate previously worked as an investigator in Corporate America. She brings this investigative know-how to her genealogical record sleuthing and analysis. Kate completed Boston University’s Certificate in Genealogical Research in Spring 2020. She is currently enrolled in ProGen 58. She is the vice-chair of the NGS Delegate Council Steering Committee. In addition, she serves as the co-program chair of the North Hills Genealogists and is the publicity chairperson for the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. She is a member of APG and NGS.


  1. It’s just after 11pm MST on Friday, 11 Nov, 2022. The first day of conference has concluded and I can’t find this or any pre-recorded session available to watch online.
    What’s the secret? Yes, I am a paid member.

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