VGA Bday Presentation: “Getting Into the Habit: Researching Nuns in your Family Tree” by David Ryan

Thank you so much to David Ryan for sharing this presentation with VGA to help celebrate VGA’s 5th birthday. Kind people like him helped to make the birthday party possible!

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Program Description: Those of us who grew up in Roman Catholic families or were educated in Catholic schools likely have some connection to women religious. They were often influential figures in their communities, not only because of their association with religion and education, but also as employers. Despite this, uncovering more information on their lives can often be difficult. The goal of this short talk is to provide an overview of the types of records available for nuns and where to find them. It will look at using everyday sources such as death registers and obituaries, along with where to find other records kept by the religious orders themselves, such as convent annals, registers of admittance and burial records.

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