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Webinar: Streamlining Sources & Citations
Speaker: Nancy E. Loe

Program Description:
This webinar helps you create simple and effective sources and citations for your family history research, combining the best practices of historians and genealogists. Learn how to link your citations to both paper and digital records, and how create a source once and then cite it as needed. Examples for US and international records, including census, parish records, books, websites, and more are covered.

1. How Do Effective Sources & Citations Work?
2. Difference Between Sources & Citations
3. Elements of Sources
4. Elements of Citations
5. Examples of Genealogy Sources & Citations by Record Type

Speaker Bio:
After a long professional career in academic archives and genealogy libraries, Nancy Loe, MA, MLS, launched her website, Her site features a blog, monthly newsletter, and genealogy e-books on U.S. and European research. She has found records for Scandinavian and European ancestors both online and while visiting ancestral villages in Poland, Austria, Scotland, and Norway. Nancy also provides expert guidance on organizing and managing genealogy research and records.

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