Sensitive Subjects – Writing About the Hard Stuff by Rhonda Lauritzen

Webinar: Sensitive Subjects – Writing About the Hard Stuff
Speaker: Rhonda Lauritzen
When: Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 8:00pm Eastern

Program Description:
Writing life stories that contain adversity can heal and inspire, but make sure you sending time capsules and not time bombs. If you discover troubling family history, learn how to write with empathy and to paint a picture of context. Journaling can have an unburdening effect, but you should know the difference between therapy writing versus leaving a life story legacy. To work through sensitive family issues, get your heart in the right place, focus on stories of transformation, and embrace the value of grappling. If you approach family dynamics with sensitivity and love, your memoir, life story, or family history can be a source of strength (not drive a wedge).

Speaker Bio:
Rhonda Lauritzen is a professional biographer with multiple published books. She believes that when you tell your story, it changes the ending. This is why her passion is teaching, coaching clients, and presenting at conferences. As an author, she specializes in writing life stories, collecting oral history, and historical storytelling. Before she founded Evalogue.Life she served as a college Vice President and a CEO.

VGA Members can register for this webinar via the Zoom link in the Upcoming Webinars area of the Members Center. Please contact if you have any questions.

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