Help! My records are not in English by Bryna O’Sullivan

Webinar: Help! My records are not in English
Speaker: Bryna O’Sullivan
When: Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 11:00am Eastern

Program Description:
Digitization has made many international records available from home. But how do you read them if you don’t read that language? This presentation will guide you through the basics of decoding non-English language records. It will share some of the resources you can use to explore records on your own and help you determine when you need the aid of a translator.

Speaker Bio:
Bryna O’Sullivan is a Middletown, CT based professional genealogist and French to English genealogical translator.

VGA Members can register for this webinar via the Zoom link in the Upcoming Webinars area of the Members Center. Please contact if you have any questions.

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