VGA July 2022 Contest

VGA Book Club is currently reading “Stories in Stone” by Douglas Keister. For fun, go to your favorite cemeteries (online or in-person) and look through the headstones for examples of symbols found in the “Stories in Stone” book.

To enter, all you have to do is complete the quick form by naming the symbol found on a headstone and sharing a URL to the online image of it or uploading a picture that you took yourself in a cemetery.

Feel free to submit multiple entries!! Each entry will enter your name in the contest again for a chance to win prizes! However, once you submit one specific symbol (such as a lamb), you cannot submit the same symbol again. You have to find a different symbol for each entry!

Also, the intention of this contest is to look for the different symbols yourself by visiting online memorials or walking through a cemetery in-person. Please do not “google” the symbol to cheat finding it.

The contest ends at the VGA Book Club’s next meeting on Tuesday, July 26th at 8:00pm Eastern. This contest and the upcoming VGA Book Club meeting is open to the public. Register for the Zoom event at:

Any questions, please e mail them to Have fun and happy symbol searching!

Contest Entry Form HERE!

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