VGA Celebrates Four Years!

VGA turns 4 years old at the end of April and is planning a Birthday Party in which all are invited to attend! Genealogy games, presentations, door prizes, and FUN are all on the agenda!

When: Saturday, April 30th, 2022
Zoom Registration Link:

Please share the link with your genealogy friends and spread the word!

Tentative Schedule of Events (all times are in Eastern):

  • 9:30: VGA Hangouts/Gives Back – 1950 Census Research/Index Verification
  • 10:00: Welcome and New VGA Logo Reveal
  • 10:10: “Genealogy Quiz Game using Kahoot” with Jeanette Sheliga
  • 10:20: “Finding Aids Come to the Rescue” by Eleanor Brinsko
  • 10:30: “Why I’m a One-Namer” by M Diane Rogers
  • 10:40: Breakout #1
  • 10:50: “Make an Ancestor Coloring Book!” by Marian Burk Wood
  • 11:00: “That One Time Martha Washington’s Will Was Stolen” by Debra Dudek
  • 11:30: Breakout #2
  • 11:45: “Introducing ‘L.A.’s Most Bizarre Lady Lawyer,’ through Google Earth Pro” by Marie Palmer
  • 12:00: “Clarity, Not Word Count” by Lynn Broderick
  • 12:10: “Scrapbooks: A Genealogist’s Goldmine” by Melissa Barker
  • 12:40: “Genealogy Game Show” by Connie Davis

More genealogy presentations will be shared on the VGA YouTube Channel to help celebrate VGA’s Birthday. Presentations will include:

  • “Genealogy Serendipity (Or Was Mom Guiding Me?)” by Deb Holman
  • “In Which I am Surprised that the Person My Town is Named After Was a Big Deal” by Sara E. Campbell
  • “Downunder Ancestors: A Mixed Bunch” by Shauna Hicks
  • “Moonshine and Stills: Finding Archived Records for Your Moonshiner Ancestors” by Melissa Barker
  • “Concise Communication for Genealogists Using SBAR” by Connie Davis
  • “Introduction to WikiTree’s US Black Heritage Project” by Connie Davis
  • “Share Where the Bodies Are Buried” by Marian Burk Wood
  • “Postcard Clues” by M Diane Rogers
  • “Using’s My Tree Tags” by Jeanette Sheliga

We hope that you join us in the celebration of VGA’s 4th Birthday!

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