VGA Hangouts: 1950 Census Prep – March 27, 2022

The release of the 1950 US Census is less than a week away. Our next VGA Hangout is a chance to take some time to put together your personal plan for its release.

Some ideas to accomplish during the Hangout are:

  • Identify those who may be found on the 1950 US Census
  • Create a list/chart of priority people
  • Research and notate possible addresses for those people (in case their name does not return results from the initial computer-read index)
  • Find the Enumeration District numbers of the addresses at:
  • Have fun!

Come join us and work on your family tree while making friends that have similar interests as yourself. VGA Hangouts is a members-only benefit. If you are not a member, please consider joining us:


  1. Help, I forgot to register for today’s hangout. Could someone please, please send me the link.

    Thanks, thanks, thank you!
    G Wolcott

    • I’m so sorry that I didn’t see your comment until now. Even if you forget to register ahead of time, you can click on the Zoom registration link and it will put you directly into the Zoom that is in progress.

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