VGA Chapters & SIGs

VGA has local chapters for members living in that area, or members with an interest in genealogical research and events in that area. Chapters are utilizing Facebook groups for networking, socializing, and mentoring.

VGA also has special interest groups (SIGs) for members with an interest in researching a specific historic area, ethnicity, or topic (meet-ups are not coordinated within SIGs but within chapters).  SIGs also utilize Facebook groups for networking, socializing, and mentoring.

Paid VGA members are welcome to join as many chapters or SIGs as desired at no extra cost.  If there isn’t one listed for your area of interest, and you’re interested in leading one, please contact us!

VGA on Facebook
Virtual Genealogical Association (Main Group) –

United States Chapters (& Administrator)
Arkansas (Caroline Shultz) –
Arizona (Sue McNelly) –
California North (Sheri Beffort Fenley) –
California South (Theresina Lloyd) –
Colorado (Elaine Lewers) –
Connecticut (Jenny Hawran) –
Delaware (Tracy Kennedy) –
Florida Central (Tina Telesca) –
Florida First Coast/Northeast (Denise Barrett Olson) –
Florida North (Kathy Judge Blacklock) –
Florida West Coast (Susan Schuler) –
Georgia (Elizabeth Olson) –
Illinois (Jenny Warner) –
Indiana (Amber Oldenburg) –
Iowa (Jo Murray) –
Kansas (Marcia Crawford Philbrick) –
Kentucky (Karen Newman) –
Louisiana (Carolyn Dyess Bales) –
Maryland (Barb Henry) –
Massachusetts (Sara Campbell) –
Michigan (Larry See) –
Minnesota (Sandy Thalmann) –
Mississippi (Carolyn Dyess Bales) –
Missouri (Lacey Frazier) –
Nevada (Suzanne Malek) –
New Hampshire (Rob Weir) –
New Jersey (Jessica Stauffer) –
North Carolina (Detrian Sanchez) –
Ohio (Emily Kowalski Schroeder) –
Rhode Island (Polly Foley) –
South Carolina (Cheri Passey) –
South Dakota (Amber Ferdig) –
Tennessee (Tina Sansone & Karen MacArthur Grizzard) –
Texas (Detrian Sanchez) –
Utah (Amber Ferdig) –
Vermont (Rob Weir) –
Virginia (Sam Williams) –
Washington (Heather Murphy) –

International Chapters
Australia – New South Wales (Jill Ball) –
Australia – Queensland (Melanie Dunstan) –
Australia – Western (Jean Duff) –
BeNeLux (John Boeren) –
Canada – Alberta (Kale Hobbes) –
Canada – British Columbia (Marie Palmer) –
Canada – Nova Scotia (Elizabeth Trenchard) –
Canada – Ontario (Heather Garrett Turner) –
Ireland (Penny Brennan Sexton) –
Norway (Liv Marit Haakenstad) –
Scotland (Emma Maxwell) –
South Africa (Sue McNelly) –

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Austro – Hungarian Empire (Michelle Tucker Chubenko) –
Computer & Technology (Pamela Hill-Orcutt) –
Croatian (Randall Lorenz) –
DNA & Genealogy (Randy Whited) –
English (Cathy Naborowski) –
Genealogical Writing (Megan Croll Heyl) –
Germans from Russia (Caroline Stroh) –
Italian (Mark D’Ambrosi) –
Hispanic (Colleen Greene) –
Polish (Teresa Basińska Eckford) –
Welsh (Megan Croll Heyl) –

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