VGA Chapters & SIGs

VGA has local chapters & special interest groups (SIGs) on Facebook for our members to connect, network & socialize with those in their area. Paid VGA members are welcome to join as many chapters as desired at no extra cost.  If there isn’t a chapter or SIG listed for your area of interest, and you’re interested in leading one, please contact us!

VGA on Facebook
Virtual Genealogical Association (Main Group) –

United States Chapters (& Administrator)
Arkansas (Caroline Shultz) –
Arizona (Sue McNelly) –
California North (Sheri Beffort Fenley) –
California South (Theresina Lloyd) –
Colorado (Elaine Lewers) –
Connecticut (Jenny Hawran) –
Florida Central (Tina Telesca) –
Florida First Coast/Northeast (Denise Barrett Olson) –
Florida North (Kathy Judge Blacklock) –
Florida West Coast (Susan Schuler) –
Georgia (Elizabeth Olson) –
Illinois (Jenny Warner) –
Indiana (Amber Oldenburg) –
Iowa (Jo Murray) –
Kansas (Marcia Crawford Philbrick) –
Kentucky (Karen Newman) –
Louisiana (Carolyn Dyess Bales) –
Maryland (Barb Henry) –
Massachusetts (Sara Campbell) –
Michigan (Larry See) –
Minnesota (Sandy Thalmann) –
Missouri (Lacey Frazier) –
New Hampshire (Rob Weir) –
New Jersey (Jessica Stauffer) –
North Carolina (Detrian Sanchez) –
Ohio (Emily Kowalski Schroeder) –
South Carolina (Cheri Passey) –
South Dakota (Amber Ferdig) –
Texas (Detrian Sanchez) –
Utah (Amber Ferdig) –
Vermont (Rob Weir) –
Virginia (Sam Williams) –
Washington (Heather Murphy) –

International Chapters
Australia – New South Wales (Jill Ball) –
Australia – Queensland (Melanie Dunstan) –
Australia – Western (Jean Duff) –
BeNeLux (John Boeren) –
Canada – Alberta (Kale Hobbes) –
Canada – British Columbia (Marie Palmer) –
Canada – Nova Scotia (Elizabeth Trenchard) –
Ireland (Penny Brennan Sexton) –
Norway (Liv Marit Haakenstad) –
South Africa (Sue McNelly) –

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Austro – Hungarian Empire (Michelle Tucker Chubenko) –
DNA & Genealogy (Randy Whited) –
Genealogical Writing (Megan Croll Heyl) –
Italian (Mark D’Ambrosi) –
Hispanic (Colleen Greene) –

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