Entertainment Show

On Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 7:30 pm Eastern, the Virtual Genealogical Association teamed up with Thomas MacEntee of High-Definition Genealogy to provide a free, virtual entertainment show to the genealogical community (click here for the recording).

We used GoToWebinar for the event, and recorded it for those who were unable to attend the live broadcast. Unfortunately, we had to *strip the musical numbers out of the recording to avoid copyright infringement.

Following is the start point in the recording for each act, the name of the performer, his/her residence, and their act:

0:00 – Thomas MacEntee of Chicago, Illinois, USA (Master of Ceremonies)

*Stripped from recording: Mia Bennett of Gloucester, England (Piano)

2:30 – David Ryan of Cork, Ireland (Storytelling)

8:41 – Marcel Elias of Nuremburg, Germany (Origami)

*Stripped from recording: Cheri Passey of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA & Kim Jordan of Sterling, Virginia, USA (Singing)

19:39 – Kathryn Lake Hogan of Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Sign language)

26:05 – Mark & Mary Roddy of Seattle, Washington, USA (Magic trick & crafts show & tell)

35:39 – Chris Ferraiolo of Salem, New Hampshire, USA (Genealogy storytelling)

39:08 – Dear Myrt (Pat Richley-Erickson) of South Jordan, Utah, USA (Paper crafting demo)

*Stripped from recording – Dan Earl of DeWitt, Michigan, USA (Ukelele & singing)

47:53 – Kathy Hinckley of Westminster, Colorado, USA (Jewelry craft show & tell)

51:35 – Debra Dudek of Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA (Stand-up comedy)

58:02 – Jen Campbell of McCall, Idaho, USA (Crafts show & tell)

*Stripped from recording – Michael Cassara of Sunnyside, New York, USA (Singing)

1:00:42 – Roberta Estes of Brighton, Michigan, USA (Quilt show & tell)

1:09:00 – Lori Lyn Price of Winchester, Massachusetts, USA (Poetry)

1:12:19 – Ute Brandenburg of Iowa City, Iowa, USA (Rowing Demo)

1:23:21 – Deborah Holman of Hamden, Connecticut, USA (Dollhouse miniatures show & tell)

*Stripped from recording – Jenny Hawran of Windsor, Connecticut, USA (cat videos set to music)

1:29:44 – Mary Risseeuw of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA (Paper art show & tell)

*Stripped from recording – McKell Keeney of Tempe, Arizona, USA (Singing)

*Stripped from recording – Brandon Ortega of Murietta, California, USA (guitar)

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